Reiseveranstalter Suntours Branding, Webseite & Social Media


Suntours GmbH is a tour operator specializing in unforgettable safari and long-haul journeys, dedicated to providing extraordinary travel experiences that allow adventurers to discover the wonders of the world. With a previously simplistic website and sporadic social media presence, Suntours GmbH sought to enhance their online visibility and establish a strong brand identity that reflects their passion for unique travel adventures.

As a freelance brand & web designer, I collaborated closely with Suntours GmbH to develop a cohesive branding strategy that effectively conveys their commitment to crafting memorable safari and long-haul travel experiences. This involved designing a distinctive logo that captures the essence of their adventurous spirit and creates a memorable visual identity for the brand.

To complement the new branding, I created a visually appealing, user-friendly website that showcases Suntours GmbH’s expertise in designing immersive travel experiences. The website features captivating imagery, engaging narratives, and detailed descriptions of their bespoke travel packages, allowing potential clients to explore the exceptional journeys offered by the tour operator.

In addition to branding and web design, I worked with Suntours GmbH to develop a consistent and strategic social media presence. By curating and creating content that highlights their unique travel offerings, we were able to engage with their audience, drive brand awareness, and foster a loyal online community of travel enthusiasts eager to embark on their next adventure with Suntours GmbH.

Through close collaboration with Suntours GmbH on their branding, web design, and social media efforts, we successfully established a dynamic and engaging online presence that showcases their dedication to providing exceptional safari and long-haul journeys while inviting potential clients to discover the world through their expertly curated travel experiences.

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